At SpireWorks® we invite you to come have fun, try new things and choose your own destination by taking our favorite recipe for vertically spit roasted meat and pairing it with fun, foodie flavors and ingredients from across the globe.

Our journey to realizing the SpireWorks® concept became a proverbial “food odyssey,” taking us across Europe to sample one döner after the next, until we finally secured the recipe to the most delicious döner we had tasted deep in the heart of Istanbul. Bringing it back to the states, we tried to capture the authentic flavors of Turkish döner, but rather than following a specific recipe, we knew the target flavor, taste and texture, and we had to figure out how to create it.

After various attempts, our team finally cracked the döner code, creating a new recipe specifically for SpireWorks®. In addition to our perfectly replicated beef döner, our team also developed a mouth-watering spit-roasted chicken, and for those who are vegetarian inclined, köfte, meatless meatballs made of cubed vegetables held together by chickpea flour and Urfa biber.

We define SpireWorks® as Modern Döner; creating a cultural melting pot of flavors for an exploratory palate. So, pack light for the journey of a lifetime at SpireWorks®, the delicious new haven for the #TravelingFoodie!